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Paid Rooms





How and when will the room be created?

At the start time of the room, Paid Rooms will create a private room in Clubhouse. If you are a speaker, we will then invite you and any other co-hosts as the room's moderators. If you are a registered guest, we will invite you as an attendee.

Do you access my account ever?

No. Previous Clubhouse apps like Direcon accessed sensitive user information and put accounts in jeopardy, we don't. We verify the user's identity by checking if they follow @paidrooms on Clubhouse.

Why do I need to follow Paid Rooms?

For us to verify your identity and invite you to a room when it starts (whether you're a speaker or guest), you need to follow our account. Clubhouse doesn't let accounts invite people who don't follow them.

When do I get paid as a room host?

Payments take up to 3 days for Stripe to process. We will send the revenue generated from your room as soon as stripe processes it. If it's been more than 3 days, please send me (Luke) a text by clicking on the link below.

Got any burning questions?

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